Spray-Paint Your life

June 22, 2013


So a couple of weeks back I went to a couple of garage sales in my neighborhood.  Didn't find much, but I like to look and perhaps find something I can re-use or re-purpose.  I did find and old metal office table that was an ugly file cabinet green color.  It was a good size, sturdy and in really good shape.  I knew I could use this.

Now this thing was ugly and to someone else and obviously everyone else that saw it at the sale it was too ugly to own and there was no use buying it.   But I saw something different.  As a Law of Attraction facilitator and life coach I see a lot of things differently than others.  I know that with a quick, even small, change a new perspective can be achieved.  It doesn't take much to change what you see.  So I went to the local hardware store bought a can of Caribbean blue spray paint and finally yesterday I had a few minute to work on this project.  Now it took a couple of coats to make sure that it was completely covered and that the old ugly office table with given a brand new look, brighter, bolder and in fact a happier look.

After painting it and stepping back to admire my handy work I couldn't help but think that is kinda what happens when you change your thoughts.  You kinda take a can of spray-paint and re-color your world.  Changing your thoughts from ugly, unattractive and useless to something brighter, bolder and happier will change how you look at things.  It will also make you more attractive, literally.  Think back to some people you may have met in your past that had ugly thoughts and think if it did not reflect on their overall appearance.  It may take a couple of tries, or coats if you will,  before you are able to completely change the way your life looks.  Just like it took more than one attempt to get the table a new look.  But I promise you, if change the way you think about any ugly situation in your life, you will have a brighter, happier situation.

So go ahead spray-paint your life.


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