What's 1 Minute Worth

November 30, 2012


This is a great question and to be sure there is no right answer. For some a minute can be worth millions for others it may be worthless. I believe a minute can be priceless.

If you check with your local radio station, a 1 minute advertisement can be worth 50-500 dollars.  If you check with the Superbowl people a 30 second ad could be worth 3 million dollars making 1 minute 6 million dollars.  But I am not just taking about money here.

What would 1 more minute with a departed love one be worth.  What would 1 more minute with a loved who is still with us be worth.  We can have a flash of inspiration that turns our lives into a dream in a single moment.  We can stay in bed and rest our bodies for just 1 more minute and feel even more refreshed. Or we can waste a minute in front of the TV or being angry at the dog owner that never cleaned up after it on your front lawn.

I believe the most valuable minute is the extra one you get with loved ones... but second to that the most valuable minute is the minute you spend focusing on your dreams and goals.  This moment is truly priceless and I will explain why.  The Law of Attraction and Universal Laws in general do not remember what you were thinking or dreaming about 2 minutes ago.  All that matters is what you are thinking about in the present moment.  This minute right now and right now and right now.  The Law of Attraction is constantly checking to see what you are thinking about, what the feeling or vibration is surrounding your thoughts (Right Now).  It has one job... to match what you are sending out, the vibration you are sending out right now.

It can take 1 minute to make the connection of a lifetime, in business or in love.

One minute of positive attention, energy and focus towards your dream or goal is better than no minutes and so valuable in your efforts to achieve.  Conversely one moment of negative energy can set you back.  The key is if you have a moment of negative energy to SNAP OUT OF IT and get into a more positive place in your thoughts.  Again it doesn't matter what you were thinking (or vibrating) 5 minutes ago, two days ago or even last week.  One minute of positive energy right now, turns into 2 and then 3 and then a whole day.

So what's a minute worth, well only you can answer that... what value do you put on your dreams and goals.  What will it cost you if you don't achieve them? What will afford you when you do? Take a moment and think about how you feel when you succeed.

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