I have created several seminars and coaching packages to make it easy for you.  The One on One coaching is a valuable tool for individiduals to gain focus on their goals and make real progress towards an Ideal  Life and Career. 

The seminars are for groups and businesses looking for motivation and focus to achieve big success!


Business Booster  Quick Hits

(30 min sessions)


Employees are your greatest asset.  Even before customers and products and services if your employees are not Motivated, Educated and Happy your business will feel it!  Invite Kenn to speak for 30 minutes at your next staff meeting and watch your business gets an immediate boost.


Session 1

Get your team fired up and focused on making every day a good day. When your team has the same vision as you and understands what makes a good day good and a bad day bad you will see increased results from them.  This fun interactive 30-minute session will inspire your team with a clear understanding of how to get positive and stay there. Book now!





Session 2

Is your team all on the same page?  Do they understand what it is you want from the business and how it will benefit them?  Without a clear direction, a business can fail just because no one knows the target. In 30 minutes Kenn will clearly outline one of the most important steps in developing a successful business.  Knowing what you want. This informative session will get everyone rowing in the same direction and focused on success. Book now!





Session 3

In the 3 installments your team will learn the most efficient and effective way to reach the goal.  They will get easy to implement tips and tricks that will not only see your business increase but also see your employees have a happier and more fulfilled life because of it.   The final piece of the success puzzle will be revealed.  Book now!






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 Reversing B.A.D. Habits for Success

(2 hr session)


Bring your corporate or business meetings to life!! Energize your team!!!


"The Secret" is no longer a secret!! You are sure to have heard about the massively successful book and video entitled “The Secret” and have likely read it or another book or video on the Law of Attraction. You have tried to put it into practice and are still coming up with less than your ideal life.


That is where Kenn comes in.  Kenn’s take on the Law of Attraction and Universal Laws, in general, will finally show you how to understand and use these principles deliberately to get what you want. With his real-life examples of how it has worked for him and his clients, you will start to see how it is actually already working in your life too. You will learn several tips and tricks that will get you focused on the things you want and off the things that slow you down or stop you from achieving your goals.  


This powerful, entertaining and interactive 2-hour presentation will have you attracting the life you want rather than chasing it.  This session will examine your current methods and then show you techniques and tips on how you can make simple changes that work for you. Discover your true desire, learn new ways of creating a passion & focus and understand what believing really is and how your beliefs affect your outcomes.


You will also learn how to share this with others so everyone around you starts to see more success.




 Learn to Live the Dream
(1 hour)
Knowledge is power - Sir Frances Bacon
Empower your people with the knowledge of natural energies and universal laws.  This presentation is designed for people interested in exploring ways to improve their lives (Health, Wealth, Love, Happiness). You have a mind that is open to possibility. You have heard about the Universal Energies and are looking for an overview of their principles. Perhaps you are just curious and would like to ask questions and have an open discussion.  
Spend an hour with Kenn Dixon and learn exactly what Universal Energies and laws are. Understand the balance between positive and negative energy and why or how you attract it into your life.
Learn what you can do to take charge and bring yourself to where you want to be.
 Random Thoughts and Life Lessons for  Happiness and Success
(90 Min)


Become more aware of the lessons that are being given to you in everyday interactions.

For more than 30 year’s Kenn has been uniquely tuned to the world around him.  Kenn finds Life Lessons in just about everything and now he will share his life experience and the profound lessons he learns from his interactions.


From the encounter with the kind elderly Mexican marionette maker to the walk by encounter with a young mother and her daughter. Kenn’s take on why we hear what we hear, meet whom we meet and see what we see will forever change your belief in coincidence.


This is a very casual and unscripted 90 minutes experience that you will take a lot of great ideas from and will also get you to be more aware of the apparently random things that happen to you and because of you.




    Contact me for more information or to book your sessions or seminar.      Skype and phone sessions avalaible