Just a Little Bit

So I have been using a lot of social media lately as it seems to be a good way to get the positive massage out and inspire people with my LOA Hacks. 1 thing I have noticed with 1 particular social media is the recognition I get. Now it must be said that I do this more to help people than to get recognition but recognition is nice.

I have been posting on about 10 different social media sites everyday for years now. Facebook, You Tube, Linked-in etc. When I post on linked-in or Facebook I always share with at least 3 groups that I am a member of. It gets my message out further and if I can help one person with one of my LOA Hacks it is worth the time it takes. I share with different groups each time and do not really keep track of which one I posted to yesterday or the day before... it is very random and I have many groups I frequent.

It's fair to say that each group likely gets 5 or 6 post shares from me per month and each group has thousands of members. One group in particular makes an effort each month to recognize the top contributors to the group. For the last 6 months or so I have been recognized as 1 of those. Now keep in mind that there are thousands of members and I contribute 5-6 times a months.

What this reminds me of is that it does not take a lot f effort or time to make a significant contribution t the world or to do more than most others. If can be a top contributor with a couple of posts a month that is saying something.

This whole thing spills over into everyday life too. You do not have to invest endless hours and incredible effort to do more than others in the world. If you want to stand out, be recognized, get attention for you, your company or your product over and above others just do a little bit more. So feww people seem willing to do that so if you do it will be noticed. I would advise to be somewhat consistent with the little nit more, but jus a little bit makes a huge difference.

It's like to old joke about coming across a bear in the wild... you do not have to outrun the bear to get away and not be attacked, you only have to outrun one other person. You do not have to be the best, brightest, fastest in life or business you just have to give a little more than others.

Figure out what you are willing to give and then give it... for the most part you should want share your gifts and talents with the world anyway... that's why you were given them.

Have the best day ever!


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