Yet another test!

I have not written a blog post for a while... mostly because I have been living a great life and working towards a better life.

As an LOA practitioner my world is really good. I believe there is a reason for everything and I also believe the universe is conspiring to do me good. Even when things don't seem to be going my way, I know that eventually the tests that are given to me are meant to strengthen and teach me something... and the lesson will eventually materialize.

My latest test is one that I have faced before so I believe I have not learned the lesson yet. I always take full responsibility for the things that happen to me and for me. The other day the boss I currently have pulled me aside and told me that some people think I am too happy and some have made the accusation that I am on drugs.

This is something that has happened to me most of my life. When I was 16 and working with my uncle washing semi-tractor trailers I did my best to enjoy the job and make it fun. It was real grunt work but I did work to enjoy it. One day... because my aunt thought that nobody should enjoy this type of work... and saw that I was... she told my parents I was coming to work high, which was such a lie.

This has been a long running situation for me. These latest accusations of being too happy have really pissed me off.

Everyday I wake up, clean up and head to work, I am very happy because I have a great life and work because I want to help people. For people to assume that I could only be happy if it is drugged induced, do not understand the effort I put into to enjoying the job.

To be clear... everyday I get up and get to work is time away from my wife and be assured I would much rather be spending time with her than dealing with negative people that cannot be tolerate someone else putting in the effort to enjoy their work. The people that accuse me of this have not done it to my face, only talk behind my back. I am pissed about this too. If you have a belief share it with me and lets figure it out. Chance are I could help you become a happier person and start to enjoy your life more and be grateful when someone greets you with a smile rather than unloading all their problems on you. More often than not when I ask people in retail how they are, they will say "ask me in an hour when I'm off work" or "I will be better when this day is over" . I promise you , you will never hear that from me. I am grateful for the opportunity I have to help people and make a little money doing it.

People do not seem to understand that when the work day is done they stop making money, stop helping people, stop making some sort of contribution to the world and look so forward to quitting time.

Anyway the fact that some people thinking I am too happy reflects more on them than it does on me and I understand that, but it does not make it any less sad that those people are out there and are not seeking help of their own.

I worry for a world that sees negativity in happiness. People who think that those that are happy must be artificially stimulated. I hope for a world that will see happiness as a virtue.

I am selfishly writing this for me and in hopes that when you see happy people at their work that you thank them for a pleasant (rather than grumpy) experience, wish them more happiness and maybe take a lesson in how dealing with happy people makes for a better experience and share a bit of your happiness and gratitude with others.

We all have so much to be grateful for, even if it just your ability to read this and form your own thoughts about, that is a great thing. Gratitude will make you feel happier, I promise!

To conclude... I refuse to buy into any other negative persons, negative idea of me or my happy attitude. I refuse!!! I will refuse to change to satisfy the miserable or keep the miserable company no matter how much they love it. I may even turn up the happy!!!


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