Memories that Suck

The other day I was working at helping one of my clients get out of obscurity with the people in my city. When I am not life-coaching or doing workshops or seminars on Law of Attraction I help small, medium and large companies with their advertising. Primarily using radio but also helping out with social media and other forms of getting the message out.

On this day I was working with a business I had not previous worked with and was having some trouble getting the message across that the more people that hear of you the more will likely do business with you. With Radio there are 10's of thousands of people listening everyday that will hear the message this business wants to share. The more attractive the message (or offer) the more people will motivated to visit your shop.

This particular prospective client kept coming up with complaints and concerns about wasting money on something that is not guaranteed or is difficult to measure. I have been helping businesses in this way for a long time and have the answer to most "objections" that pop up during a presentation. As we continued our volley of concern and answers she eventual had no more concerns... That's when real objection came out.

You see she told me of a horrible memory she had from some twenty years ago. At that time when she was a young mother... she was approached by a very aggressive and persistent vacuum cleaner sales person. You remember when they used to go door to door and peddle their wares. Well turns out she was sold... Sold a product she didn't want (she already had a vacuum that she felt was fine), and sold an product she couldn't afford (she was brand new mom) and would take her years to pay for.

This memory that sucked put her in a place and has kept her in a place that limits her ability to see that some people are just trying to help. She told me she was never going to get sucked in my some smooth taking salesperson ever again. Her experience has soured to even opening up to t hepossibility that some sales people may have something she could use, could be better than what she has and that she could afford. It's like having one bad shrimp and never eating shrimp again because they must all be awful.

Whatever your previous experience in one area of your life, please do not let it ruin the possibility that some great things could be coming your way.

I often tell people that have had a bad experience and have shut themselves off to similar experiences that "I have had a bad haircut, that does not mean I am never getting another one" or "I have had a bad meal at a restaurant but that does not mean I will never eat in another restaurant ever again".

It's important to be wary but don't be shut off completely... live a little take a risk.. get a new hairdresser, try a new restaurant and just try to trust a salesperson that truly might have your best interest at heart.

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