Testing my beliefs

So an interesting thing happened to me the other day. I was tested... or at least my beliefs and or faith was tested. I actually am not found of using the word faith because so many people associate it with religion when the two and not necessarily connected all the time. Anyway I try to use the word belief because they mean basically the same thing.

I know there are constant tests of my beliefs, in the way I treat people that are less than ideal in my life, the way I react in certain situations and the way I act in other situations. This test the other day was a good one for me because it reminded my about how powerful the universe really is and how it can manipulate and orchestrate events in my life to make sure I am where I need to be when I need to be there. It can also orchestrate events in my life to make sure I am not where I shouldn't be when I shouldn't be there. (More on that later)

Here's what happened...I was out and about in my town conducting business and had parked my vehicle in a space in underground parking. I was away from my vehicle for about 30 minutes and in that time another vehicle had pulled into the space next to me. The car parked so close to me that I could not open my drivers door wide enough to get in. I started off very frustrated and was in fact thinking some not so positive things about the driver of the vehicle parked next to me. This was going to cost me time.. and as we all know time is money. I dropped the tailgate and took a seat waiting and waiting. Thinking of all the things I wanted to say to driver that would be so inconsiderate as to affect another person in this way... no thought to the world around him or her. I waited 15 minutes and had time to come up with some choice words... some intelligent but cutting words to this driver. I waited another 15 minutes fine tuning what would be my tirade after being held up for 30 minutes and who knows how much longer it would take.

Then it hit me!!!

I talk about his kinda stuff all the time. How everything that happens to us is happening because of our thoughts, how everything happens for a reason. These are things I truly believe ... right to my core. But this... this situation is different... I didn't ask for an inconsiderate &(&*%^$$ to park beside me and halt my day. Or did I?

You see earlier in the day I was thinking to myself how busy I had gotten, that I just need to find some time to get a few simple projects completed. In fact I was asking for some time to update some of my social media, add some videos I had done to my youtube account, Get my instagram post done and also launch another wave on ANCHOR. All things I wanted to get done but other things kept putting them on the back burner.

So maybe I did ask for this... not this specifically but it is providing me with time to get some thing done... using my phone. I did ask for the time?! The universe is way smarter and more powerful than me and can make things happen effortlessly. So, true to my core and my beliefs I realized that what I have faith in... is real... it does exist.

Even when things are not going the way you think they should... understand, believe that you have attracted your situation with your thoughts. It may not manifest they way YOU imagined, but it did happen and it happened for a reason. I often hear people say... be careful what you wish for... I like to add be full of care when you wish. Look.. I believe the universe heard my message that I needed time to get some things done and made it happen, even though it was not the way I would have preferred... it happened.

The other thing I have to be grateful for and will never really have tangible proof of.. is, what didn't happen to me because I was stuck in underground parking. I could have been held back because, if I had have gone forward earlier than I was able to I could have been in the sights of some hazard, some car crash, some other horrible incident. I don't know if that's true, but I do know I was held back for a reason... or maybe more than 1 reason... maybe several reasons. And I am Grateful for that too.

BTW... the driver of the other vehicle (a very kindly older gentleman) eventually showed up after about 45 minutes. He apologized for the inconvenience he had caused with a simple but sincere "sorry". All the choice words I had assembled for him were gone, and I was in a state of gratitude... knowing I got the things I wanted to get done...DONE and that I may have avoided some hazard as I sat... by myself and with myself.

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