Thanks Dad

I never really considered myself a believer in the after life or in ghosts or spirits or communicating with those that have passed. I am not a non-believer, I do keep an open mind about it.

I am a believer in mastermind groups and I think you can include people that are still with us and people whom are longer. I feel it's important to have a group that you can turn to, to ask for advice whether in real life or in meditation.

So the other day was the 1 year Anniversary of my Dad's passing, I have written on his passing previously. I believe the blog is titled "I don't Know" because those were words my father rarely used. Even in the days before the internet he would seek out answers by any means necessary. Something I have tried to do since he's been gone. I can tell you that if you try to live this way you will be busy (even with the internet) because there are a lot of questions that get thrown at you in a day. I suggest you try it for one day. Next time someone asks you a question, if you don't know the answer go find it!

That is not what this blog entry is about however, this entry is about my father and the lasting influence he has had on me.

The last 15 years or so of his life he suffered from a stroke that left him in a wheel chair and Alzheimer's... and near the end, he was not even sure who I was, often mistaking me for his younger brother.

As a son will do, we depend on our fathers to be there to answer question about fixing things around the house or general life advice. Or perhaps even popping over and lending a hand when it came to projects around the house. My Dad was good with all that stuff and a jack of all trades, pretty remarkable for an accountant. Anyway those father /son moments were not to be for me as the wheelchair and Alzheimer's took that from us. But all is not lost!

Although I have lost my father on the physical plane, I have somehow been able to connect with him now better than I have for the past 20 years. He taught me a lot while I grew up and as I have issues with things around the house or life questions he seems to be there for me now more than ever. I know his pain is gone, I know his suffering is over and maybe just maybe he is here, still with all his wisdom and helpful advice. I know there are answers that come to me now, more quickly than they used to. I know there are situations that come up that the solution seem to be handed to me almost right away.

I do believe that there must be something, that I can't explain, and in fact don't need to explain that is seemingly making things run smoother. I miss him a lot and wish he were still here physically in any form or state of mind, but there is part of me that understands he is still here, although not physically, and he is still reaching out, with a clear mind and pain free body... to share a few more father/ son moments and some fatherly advice. Thanks Dad

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