No How!

Some say Knowledge is Power... other say that Knowledge is not power but the application of the Knowledge is Power. I believe both are true. Good old fashioned know how will take you a great distance on your journey to success (whatever that is for you).

I call this entry No How because I truly believe that when it comes to getting all our desires, all our dreams and goals we really need to focus less on the how and more on the What and Why.

If we can get a clear vision of what it is that want.. I mean down to the finest detail we will be able to give it the exact attention it needs to manifest. A lesson I learned rather recently is that even after you have figured out what you want always end your request (in whatever form it takes, notes, vision board etc.) with "and something more" so you do not disclude the potential for greater that you could even imagine for the request.

Next you want to figure out the why of what you want. The reason this is important is because this is what births the passion for the object or your desire. Once you know why you want it and the reason are in line with your true desire and your integrity and moral compass you can feel the energy start t build towards your goals. THE WHY FACTOR is a big part of the process. I also recommend you ask yourself why at least five time. Why do you want it... one you have that answer ask why is that important... once you have that answer ask yourself why you feel it will change your life etc.

This takes time but it also makes sure that your desires are in line with your intentions and integrity.

You DO NOT need to know the HOW of the process. Look, the Universe will align and bring you almost anything you want. The Universe has been doing this effortlessly for ... well... forever. It has so many tricks and methods developed to make almost anything happen and without any effort. I suggest to you the Universe is infinitely more intelligent and able to device a method to manifest any desire than we are. The HOW of what will happen is not your part of the manifestation thing. If you try to figure out the HOW you will most likely not manifest your desire as easily or quickly as there are more ways to manifest than we could possibly know. The real trick for you is to know what you want, know why you want in and let the Universe figure it out from there. GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY!!!

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