What is blocking your vision

Happy New Year to all! Recently I spent some time Mexico and while I was there I could not help but notice how beatiful the area is. The sand, the sea, the palms, the people, the sky. The area is amazing. We investigated a new area of the country this time... it's call Progreso and is said to be one of the safest places in Mexico and in fact the world. We are looking at opening a business there trhat would be a bed and breakfast and also a Law of Attraction coaching retreat. The reason I mentioned to sky was beautiful is because one night while enjoying the cool ocean breeze on the beach side patio I looked up and saw so many stars. More stars than I can remember seeing in a long time.

I live in a relatively small town with a population of about 150000. The area is beautiful and affords some amazing veiws of the sky when there are no clouds. Now I know the stars are always up there but we can not always see them for several reasons, Clouds of course, the fact that we are so busy we don`t take the time to look around and up and also the lights of the city. The lights of the city bounce off atmosphere and whatever is in the air and kinda form a barrier that blocks the light from all the stars.

So I couldn't help but wonder as I looked at this celestial scene that is not always visible to me and many others... what else is out there that is blocking my vision or the vision of others from seeing the truly amazing world we live in? Are there motophorical lights in our eyes that block us from seeing what is always there and worth seeing? Are there thoughts or beliefs that we have that make it so we cannot see the beauty of the world that is all around us?

I believe for many people in many areas of their lives there are things blocking them from seeing these things. Even for me there are things, that until I remove myself from the glare that can be life events, will I see what is around me and be so much more grateful for all that I already have and is accessible to be. Every once in a while we need to take time, get some solitude turn off the haze or lights and just look up or around and enjoy the view.

I wish for you in 2016... some time to do this.. to be grateful and enjoy all that is already in your world.

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