15 Years in Mexico

I heard a cautionary tale the other day of a Canadian couple that had moved to Mexico but were forced to move back to Canada for health reasons. The person telling me the story was doing it out of concern for my well being.

You see, my wife and I are planning on moving to Mexico to be part of the sand, sand, surf and the culture. Like many Canadians we nee a break from the long cold winters and the high taxes, among other things. We have a plan to open a Bed and Breakfast and spend many days meeting great travelers and enjoy a much less hurried life.

Back to the cautionary tale... the person telling me was genuinely concerned for our well being and wondered what we would do, if we had plans in place in case there was a medical situation involving us. They shared details of their acquaintance that had spent 15 years in Mexico and now their dream had to come to end. They told me about the couple and how they will have to give up everything and return to Canada, basically starting over with virtually nothing. I was warned to carefully think about my move and perhaps think of another plan. Suggested it might not be a wise choice.

After the details were revealed, all I could think of was that the couple coming back to Canada had lived a dream. They lived out their dream for 15 years and eventually had to return home. They spent the last 15 years falling asleep to the sound of waves rolling up on the beach...waking up under a Mexico sun, smelling the salt air, walking the beaches and cobblestone streets of their adopted community. They rarely if ever woke up to an alarm, getting stuck in traffic, rushing to work to make their boss a lot of money, hoping they would not reprimanded or fired because they relied on someone else for their income. The couple had experienced things most of us only dream of.

15 years of living a dream and not working 9-5, punching a clock or stressing over finding parking.

All I could think was the person telling me the story was living a life that was 9-5 and that they are so cautious they would never live a dream like that.

I am grateful for the person that cares enough about me to share the story. If I have to chose between 15 years in Mexico or 15 years in 9-5 I know my choice. Medical conditions will likely affect all of us at one point... what I or you do until that time is a personal decision.

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