NCIS, CSI and the BAU

This is a blog about what I learn from TV. Not Sesame Street or Mr. Rogers, but shows like NCIS or CSI or Criminal Minds and other top rated crime dramas.

I could talk about GSW or blood splatter patterns and what I have learned about those but ...that's a little too gory for me and my blog.

Instead what I want to talk about is the story line and the ending

You see, when I go and check the brief description on the TV schedule... many times it is very similar from week to week. It often starts with. " When a Petty Officer is found dead in a....." and then goes on to say the team must find the person responsible. It is actually kind of funny how many time I have seen it start that way. Yet I and many other people wait for our episode each week and then watch for an hour as our TV investigative hero's nab the Unsub.

The lesson I get from this which I think can be transferred to real life is that thousands and thousands of people watch each week for the story line and not for the endgame. We all know the suspect is going to get caught, even it takes two or three episodes to happen. So really then, the important thing or the thing that gets our interest is everything else that happens to get to the apprehension of the criminal. I think that applies to life as well. When we meet people day to day, it may be interesting what they do for a living or what they have done, but what is likely more interesting is how they got from where they were to where they are. That (I Think) is much more interesting than the end game. People joked about that for years with the movie "Titanic" Everyone knew the end game.... the ship sinks! It's what happened between the launch and the disaster that people wanted to see.

When you meet new people or even some old friends that have experienced and interesting end game, whether it be a success or a "failure" ask them the story behind it. Also make sure you are aware of the story that got you to your end game so people are interested, engaged and want to be involved, at some level, in your next episode.

What is your story?

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