Actions and Motives

Over the past couple of weeks I have discovered, explored and participated with a new podcasting app called It is a great platform, so far, for being able to help people with my positive message. In doing so I ran across a person looking for answers on how to deal with a friend she felt had wronged her. The following is the story and my lesson

Truthfully the particulars of the event are not as important as the lesson I was able to learn and share. The simple fact was the woman thought her friend had done her wrong and was afraid it would end a long standing friendship if there was no resolution. The woman I was talking to had not taking steps to find out why her friend had acted in such a way and because of that was rendering a decision on her action without all the information she needed. Her friend may have not and likely did not even know that what she had done affected me client in such a way. Her friend may have acted to protect my client from future problems. There are many reasons why she may have acted the way she did, but until my client asks the question she should not pass judgement. She could not know the motives for the action if she does not ask.

I find many people pass judgement or form opinions on others and on situation with less than all the information they need. I recently had someone pass judgement (and voice it) on me without ever actually sitting down and talking to be about why I do what I do. You see I am not a negative enabler... I am a positive enabler! I know that people are in their present circumstances because of the thoughts they have, the energy they put out and results they get. I am not the guy that will allow people to blame others for there situation, nor will I allow them to give credit to others for their victories. Everything that happens is a result of the words we use, which create the thoughts we think, which create the energy we send off, which create our results. If people blame others for their situation they give up their own super power to change it and then they must rely on others to save them. I believe we are all capable of finding our solutions. Most every situation we run into has been solved by someone before us and therefore the answers are out there... if we ask enough people.

If some think I lack sympathy or empathy then I am obviously sending the wrong message or they have not asked the right questions.

I do what I do to empower and enable people to achieve... achieve more than they ever "thought" they could.. the process is simple but not easy. My goal, my obligation... is to share what I have been lucky enough to gather with others and get people to an ideal life.

Judge people's actions if you will but not before you have asked them the motives for their actions.

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