Nasty Pants!

I hope the title of this got your attention. This entry is about something I have mentioned previously in this blog but I believe deserves another look.

Something I believe is important to the success of people is their clothes. Well not their clothes so much but how their clothes make them feel. I do believe that we have a feeling about the clothes we own and wear and about how those clothes make us feel.

Most of us have a favorite pair of jeans or a favorite top or hat, and most us us have a favorite color. They are most likely our favs because of how the look on us, how the color makes our eyes pop or haw many compliments we get when we wear them. All of this is awesome. Many of us also have clothes are not our favs and we do not feel as good when we wear them. I have a pair of brown pants that I have owned for a while and they fall into this latter category. I don't like the way they feel, look or really anything about them yet I continue to wear them. I can actually feel my mood change when I put them on and it's not good. I do not feel like putting myself out there and meeting new people, I do not feel like even talking people even though that is big part of what I do for a living. My nasty pants, I have decided are now going to the Salvation Army and maybe, just maybe, someone else will feel better about them.

My point is this! There are number of negative influences that can come in and out of our lives everyday, that we perhaps do not have control over. Your boss or co-workers could be in a bad mood or could have a negative situation they try to downoad onto you. Your spouse or partner could be going through a rough patch. Clients could be turning you down for meetings or missing scheduled meetings. There are many things that could affect you negatively that are out of your control. So why not take control of the things you know you can, starting with your clothing and make the most positive of those things. If it feels good it is ... if it doesn't it's not! Ill fitting clothes or off colors do not feel good. It may seem like a small thing, but small things add up to big things, and small things done consistantly make a difference. The more we can surround ourselves with postive things that feel good the better we will be able to handle the negative things that show up. We can handle them with strength and confidence that we know how to make our worlds the best they can be with the resources we have to do it.

The more negative you can eliminate from your life the more room you will have for the positive.

Nasty pants be gone!

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