Be Your Own Super Hero

The title of this blog post likely gives you the whole idea of what I want to talk about.

I have some concerns about what we are seeing in the theatres and on TV right now. Now I get that some stuff we watch can be just for the entertainment value, but I also believe that there are messages and life lessons in most things we encounter in life and being aware of them is key to success in anything we do.

I believe that we can very often tap into and believe what the media is telling us, both directly and indirectly, both positive and negative. One of my Cyber-Mentors Tai Lopez refers to this as Media Bias. My concern is that we are being swamped with images of super-heros and suedo-heros. To the point where I believe people may be thinking we need some kind of hero to make things right. I believe for the most part the hero is in all of us.

I refer to Movies such as Spider-man, The avengers and the like... and TV shows (which may affect us more as they are inside our homes) such as... Agents of sheild, The Flash, Supergirl and suedo heros such as Scorpion, and Limitless... all of which suggest that in order to solve problems noth big and small you need to have some super strength or super brain or super pill to make us more than the average. Where as I do think that just being average, giving average energy to your solutions or putting in average effort will not get you any results beyond average results I also believe we all ahve the ability to be above average and even be"super" and get above average or super results.

I know that when times are tough people do search for things to give the both comfort and hope, but I also think people need to look inside themselves for hope.

An example is when things are not going well in the economy, classic rock and old favorites on the radio see a spike in listnership as people look to things that bring them back to a better time. That is documented. I am a little confused by the timing of these shows hitting the media as we are not really in a tough time, sure there is some unrest in the world on a global scale and maybe that's what the folks in the corner office of the big studios are feeding off, but at home... in our back yard people have daily situations to overcome, but not the problems that are being seen elswhere in the world. I truly hope people become their own super heroes and look at the power they have to solve their problems and bigger problems in the community and not to a girl flying around with a cape to solve their problems.

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