1st Down

​I am not a big sports fan. In fact I rarely spend time watching any sports on TV or even live events because at the end of the day or season... my life has not changed whether either team, wins, loses or draws. I know people love their teams and their sports, even some with such passion that they are willing to fight, blow up things, and riot if their team loses.

I don't watch sports but the other day I was watching TV and there was an NFL football game on as I was flipping through channels. I just happen to catch the game (I do not know who was playing) when one of the teams had just reached first down. As I am not a sports fan I don't know all the rules. In football, I know about the 1st down. The interesting thing to me about this and the lesson I can take from this and apply to life in general is that everyone should celebrate when you get a 1st down in life. As I understand it a first down is really just a chance to start over on your march to the end zone.

The first down is not the goal, in fact it is a "failure" because the real goal was the end zone and the team was stopped short. The team didn't score any points for getting a 1st down... but still celebrate it because they are now closer to the goal, get to reevaluate the situation, make a new plan to advance further to the goal (the end zone) and then advance to attempt to get to the goal the next time or at least make another 1 st down.

This is what should be done in life. The way I see it is if you could consider each advance towards your goals as a 1 st down. You move far enough toward your goal to re-assess and make a new or different plan for the next move.

If your goal is the ideal job and you take one that is not ideal, but teaches you a few things that will help you move toward that goal and find the perfect job... 1ST DOWN!!! Celebrate!!!

If your goal is the ideal partner and you go on a date and the person was not perfect and had some things about them, you can now add to your clarity list and move towards finding your ideal partner 1ST DOWN!!! Celebrate!!!

It's not really a failure because each time you advance toward your "end zone" you have another chance to move even closer.

Clebrate the closness of your experience and then re-assess and advance further.

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