The Business of Abundance

I recently wrote a blog post title Storage Wars in which I talk about the industry we know that provides storage space for people that have too much stuff that cannot be contained in their homes.

I point to this as a sign of how abundant the world realy is. It revently came to my attention that there is infact a whole bunch of businesses that exist soley because we are so abundant.

Storage places I have touched on. Places you can rent that are basically a big school locker to hold all the stuff that we have not yet decided we want to get rid of and don't have room in our homes or lives to enjoy on a daily basis. Of course some people use these places to store their RV or trailer or seasonal items like tire or Christmas decoarations but many use them to store "Stuff".

Next think about Newspapers.. They often have large classified sections where people can sell the things they no longer like, want or have a need for. With newspaper advertising dollars declining some depend on these ads to bring iin revenue to keep the lights on.

Charities are a big one. Charities depend on the abundance of money that is out there and that people who make an abundance of money will give some to them. Make no mistake Charity is big Business.

Pawn shops.... Now pawn shops are interesting because much of the inventory you see in a pawn shop is stuff that people have owned that they no longer see the value in the item itself and figure they would rather turn that into money. They are full of items that people get rid of because their lives are and will continue to be abundant without.

Consignment shops... this industry is a little newer than pawn shops but operate on the same principle. People have too much stuff and need a way to get rid of it and maybe make a little money while doing so. There are consignment ladies clothing store, kids clothing stores, men's clothing stores and furniture/ home decor stores.

Second hand and thrift stores. These have been around for a long time and are another indicator of how much stuff we have that we no longer want, need or care about. My city has so many thift and second hand store it's incredible and everyone of htem is jam packed full of discarded items from those that are abundant. Many of these give money to charities or are run by charirtible organizations. I think they are great but they are also a sign of how abundant we are.

I was recently in a thrift store in my community and saw a group of people from Mexico in the store. My community gets workers from other countries to help in gathering fruit crops and work on farms in the area. These workers send much of the money they make back to their families. While I was in the store I watch the group for a while and it seemed they were in awe. It was like they could not believe all the things we discard that seme to have mony more years of usefulness. One worker would find a protable radio and run over to show his amigo, another would find several pairs of old faded levi jeans and grab them up, they appeared to be having a lot fun and also loved that we are so quick to discard perfectly useful items that they perhaps could not afford if it were not for these tiypes of stores.

I do think these stores serve a purpose, not the least of which is, to remind us how abundant we reallt are.

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