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My new site has attracted a lot of new attention lately and it is keeping me quite busy with new Life Coaching clients and speaking engagements. Not only here is Kelowna but also from others cities in Canada. I have noticed that one of the things people keep asking me about is the clarity list. If you have followed my blogs or been to one of my seminars or workshops you know that I put a lot of attention on the clarity or comparison list as the real first step for the Law of Attraction.

I believe the clarity list is an essential tools to figure out, not only what you don't want but also and more importantly what you do want.

One thing that people sometimes forget to do when building their list, whether for an Ideal life partnet, Ideal job or Ideal "Whatever" is to ask themselves why they want it.

This quest will shed light on what you real goal is. Many people will think they want to find their ideal house to buy when in reality they would be just as happy renting a place and perhaps never actually owning a home. If that is your desire ask your self why you want to find the ideal home to buy. But don't stop there.

If you ask yourself Why 3 Times you will likely get to the real anser as to what your true desire is and what the reason is you want it.

I have seen this happen with many clients that thought they wanted one thing and then discoverered after going through this exercise that what they thought was their goals aand motivation was not it all.

Why 3 times? If you ask your self the question 3 times the first answer will give likely give you insight as to why you think you want it. The second time you ask why it should be addressed to the answer you got from the first question. The third time you ask it should address the second answer you got.


I want to work at company "Widget inc."

Why do I want to work at company "Widget inc?"

I want to work at company Widget inc because it is a stepping stone to get to Company "Good job inc"

Why do I want to work at company "Good Job inc"

I want to work at company "Good job inc" because it will lead me to a job at "Great Company inc"

Why do I want to work at "Great company inc"?

Because once I work there I can move onto "Ideal Company Inc."

This is a very elementary example but illustrates that by asking Why 3 times you can gain even more clarity towards your real goal and desire. If the real goal is to work for "Ideal company Inc." then apply at "Ideal Company Inc". You may eliminate 2 steps from your process and may actually achieve you goals faster.

You will likely find out that your immediate goal is not your ultimate goal or that your motivation is all wrong. You may discover the reason you want something is because your parents or family are pressuring you, or society is pressuring you or you have a misplaced belief that , this desire is how you life is supposed to be. You may find out the reason you want something is just to keep up with Jones's and it's not really YOUR desire at all. By asking Why 3 times you will likely get to the truth of your motivation for your desire. Then you can decide if it fits with who you are and what your ultimate goal is.

We have all heard... Ask and it is given... Ask yourself for the answers first, make sure it still feels good and right for you and then pursue.


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