Storage Wars

Today I wanted blog about abundance. And how much abundance there really is for us.

As I have mentioned in previous blogs I have between traveling between two Okanagan cities for the past couple of weeks. The 45 minute drive allows for a lot of "think time" and observation time. Yesterday I drove by a couple of businesses that I have driven by likely hundreds of times in the past 10 years but this particular day they jumped out at me. For some reason they seemed to be drawing my attention. The businesses were public self storage warehouses.

This got me thinking about abundance and how abundant we truly are. This whole industry is based on how much "stuff" we have. In fact is the industry would not exist (at least not to the extent it does) if we were not abundant. The whole idea is when you SOOO much "stuff" that you can no longer fit it within the confines of your living quarters you rent a small (or large) section of one these warehouses to put your excess stuff. Some people rent more than one, others just park their excess vehicles, like campers, motor-homes or hobby cars in these facilities. I think it's wonderful that people can have everything they want, even more than their homes can hold... but it just shows how much abundance there is, that we can have a beautiful home full of wonderful things and when the cup runneth over someone thought of an idea for a business to help out with that too.

And then there are second hand and consignment shops that seem to me popping up everywhere. These are place that when you have something that has many years of useful life still in it, but you want something bigger, better, shinier, or whatever your reason for replacing it... you take it to a second hand shop or consignment store so someone else can enjoy it. It's not that items necessarily needed to be replaced, it still had life in it but you wanted something more. I applaud those that do this. I just hope that those that do this don't think they have nothing or are ALWAYS wanting more and are NEVER satisfied with the "stuff" they have.

The same can be said for other industries... check a used car (or pre-owned) car lot. Again full of "stuff" that has lots of life left in it but the previous owner felt it was necessary to have something bigger, faster, shinier or whatever. Abundance is everywhere so much so that industries have popped up to handle all the overflow of what we can no longer fit in our everyday lives and world. Ain't life grand!!!

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