Stay on Your Med

Most people who know me and deal with me day to day know that I have an opinion on a lot of things. Sometimes it's an educated opinion, sometimes it's common sense and sometimes it's niether.

I have a strong opinion about all the medications that are being handed out, to people with seemingly increasing frequency. I am not sure if every disorder that gets diagnosed is really a disorder and I am not sure if they necessarily need medications or meds to take care of them. I am not a doctor and do not give medical adsvice this is just an observation. I have however heard medical professionals raise a similar concern... one even going so far as to say... not having a disorder will be soon be a disorder... the no disorder-disorder. Many people I know are on meds of one type or another to help them deal with a chronic condition or disorder.

The title of this blog is "Stay on Your Med" but I am not referring to medications... rather I am referring to meditation. For a long time I understood meditation to be sitting cross legged in a quiet room, perhaps with a Buddah statue and humming or chanting as you simply relaxed. I have since come to learn that although that is one way to mediatate that is certainly not the only way. Meditation (MED) can take you 2 or 3 minutes or 2 or 3 hours. It can be done at a red light in traffic, during a lunch break or even while cooking dinner.

Meditation can take on all forms as long you have time to reflect, go within yourself and think. I believe we all need that. Just some time to ourselves to go over events of the day, small plans and large plans for the future or just to have a self-debriefing of where we are and where we are headed.

Find a spot anywhere you can call your own, that has a good vibe, it could be a busy street corner with city noise that puts you at ease or a under a tree in a field or even the washroom and take 2,3,4 minutes or more and meditate... just long enough to have an inspired thought, a bit or closure or a happy memory.

Take your MED consistantly like you would if you were on meds. Perhaps even take your MED 3 times a day with meals if that helps your to remember. You will likely find a lot of answers to problems or conditions you have suffered. A few minutes or a few hours... just Stay on Your Med.

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