How to Get a Speeding Ticket

Now... the title of today's blog may seem obvious but I think there is a lesson here. The other day one of my co-workers got a speeding ticket, it is a 130 dollar fine. I did not ask him how he got it because I already know how to get a speeding ticket. If I want a speeding ticket I know how to get one.

I am going to briefly outline how to get a speeding a ticket and then explain why this is important. There are 3 simple steps: First get in your car and drive to the nearest Police station right around shift change, second when you see law enforcement officers getting into their vehicles for their shift hit the gas and use excessive speed to drive past the police station. When they start to chase you pull over and accept your ticket. That is the easiest and quickest way to get a speeding ticket.

So the reason I wanted to share this with you is because nobody really wants to get a speeding a ticket or pay a fine with money better spent somewhere else... but we all know how to get a speeding ticket. Now this seems weird but iIt seems to me that most of know what to do if we want to get things we don't really want. You want a speeding ticket... speed past a police car, you want to be fat and unhealthy... eat lots of fatty foods and never exercise, you want to be broke and unhappy...quite your job and never leave your home, you want to be attacked by a lion... walk into a lion cage, you want to live a less than ideal life, never pursue your dreams.

This may seem silly but I say these things because they are true and we already know them... the simple fact is if know all these things then we must know the opposite is true. If you never want a speeding ticket do not speed and certainly not past a police car. If you never want to be fat and unhealthy then eat right and exercise. If you never want to be broke and unhappy, then find a job you love and can do with passion and you will have money and be happy. If you want to live an ideal life pursue your dreams and goals.

We know we don't want a speeding ticket so (for the most part) most of us don't do what will get us that. The same is true in every area of our lives. If we know what we don't want, we can do the opposite and will likely have what we want. So it's good to know what you don't want so you can find the opposite and aim towards that.

The rules are pretty easy and simple don't do things that will get you what you don't want. Do the things that will get you closer to your ideal life, whatever that is for you.

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