Always, Always, Always Try Again

There are a lot of great quotes in the world, one that is very popular is by Winston Churchill... "Never, Never, Never give up!" This is a great quote, inspirational and motivating. I was struck by the "give up" part though.

Here is the thing, the more we learn about how the brain works and how Universal Laws work, we may have to look at some of the most inspirational quotes and tweak them a bit. Now Winston Churchill was a much smarter man than I and had some very wise words for his time, but times have changed, our knowledge has changed.

As we know now with Universal Laws we get what we think about.. we head in the direction of our thoughts. So, just for this example I have changed this particular quote to... " Always , Always, Always try again! In the original quote the focus is on giving up, if you repeat the quote to yourself you repeat the phrase "give up". We know that we head in the direction of our thoughts so if we think about giving up, we head in that direction. On the other hand if we think about trying again, we head in that direction.

Both mean the same thing and have the same intention, to get you to push forward no matter the hurdles or obstacles that may get in your way. Words are very powerful tools we use to motivate and inspire. I think it's important we look at how we give ourselves a self talk, how we motivate ourselves and others. The more we can use powerful, positive words the more effective we will be.

If your subconscious mind were to only hear the last part of Winston Churchill's Quote, it would suggest you give up. However the revised version would encourage you to try again. Just something to think about.

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