If You Only Knew

So my wife and I were coming home from the gym this morning and as we were driving down the road, the vehicle in front of us was going slow as it proceeded into the the left turn lane. The slow driver caused us to miss the traffic light that was ahead. I found it kinda funny that my wife was frustrated by this, because it would only slow us down by a minute or so before the light was green again.

I have to admit though there are times when I am in a hurry or want to get somewhere at a certain time and something or someone slows me down and I feel the same way, however I have that happen less and less as I learn more and more.

Many of us know that there is a reason for everything. We tell our friends and family members this when they have a string of "bad luck" or "unfortunate circumstances" happen in their lives. We are at the ready with the trusted phrase... there is a reason for everything... everything happens for a reason... when one door closes another opens. But most us forget this when it applies to us. We know it to be true when things happen to others, so why do we forget this when things happen to us. Truth is we do know it's true but so often we never actually see "the reason" till much later in our day, week or year.

If you only knew at the time something happened, why it was happening. Sometimes it seems as though no good can come from what happens... but, as you know, every adversity has the seed of a greater benefit. If you only knew that the reason the vehicle was driving slow in front of you was to slow you down so you avoid an accident that may be waiting for you up ahead. If you only knew the person you got in a fender bender with was really someone the Universe wants you to meet (and meet now), If you only knew the reason you didn't get that job or promotion is because it's not the job or promotion you really wanted and would not take you where you really want to go. It's one thing to be positive about something good around the corner... but what you really want to know is... what is that something good.

It's near impossible to know why these adversities happen when they happen. Sometimes deep down inside you know, but don't want to admit it. Other times it just seem like the world is cruel. Trust that the world is not cruel, that it is actually conspiring to do you good. Have faith (no matter how difficult it seems) have faith that it is all for you to be better. When adversity strikes you, tell yourself the same thing you tell your friends and family, that there is a reason for everything and believe it in the same way you believe it when you tell your loved ones.

I admit it would be much easier to believe if you only knew what the better was... but just know like you know, like you know that it is for a reason. And you will see and feel all the stresses melt away and be replaced by joy of what you may avoided or anticipation of what is coming.

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