Thomas Edison said… I have not failed, I just found 10,000 ways that don’t work!

The other day I had a long chat with some of my co-workers about failure. There are many opinions on failure and what it means and what causes it or why it happens. There are many theories about why some people succeed and some fail. Why some people seem to have an easier time at life than others, Why some people seem to have an easier time at task completion than others, What makes success and what makes failure. You can certainly search the internet and find all sorts of success strategies… from hard work and a never give up attitude to buying success. Some people, much smarter than me, have said that there is no failure if your learn a lesson and keep on pushing through. Our discussion centered around failure and the cause of it and what it means when a person “fails” at something. I have certainly done a lot of research on success and failure and have come to several conclusions on why failure happens. Just like any exercise program or weight loss program there is no one size fits all solution to the secret of success or failure. I can say that attitude plays a big role on who is successful and who fails. Two people could be similar in almost everyway, age, appearance, social status, education and all the markers you might traditional look at to initially evaluate a person… but one of them could fail miserably at a task that the other flourishes. The difference often times is attitude. So the question for me then becomes how do we form our attitude toward success or failure or to define it further perhaps, how do we form our attitude toward being successful or being a failure. I don’t think anyone sets out on a task or job to fail at it. So what determines why people fail. I don’t believe that any one person is destined to be one thing. I think we develop an aptitude, skill, liking for something… some may even call it a passion for something and that is the thing we are determined to be successful at. When we develop a passion to do, be or have something that passion is what steers us away from failure, no matter the cost, and takes us directly in line with the energies that will ensure we succeed.

The world has energies like gravity and the magnetic field of the north and south poles and many others. And when we get in line with our true desire our true purpose our true passion…the energies that surround us align to attract to us whatever is needed to achieve. The Universe rewards those that follow their dreams and passions. When we are not in line with our true passion and purpose we fail. Not because we can’t do it, but because we are given gifts, gifts that are unique to us and that we have an obligation to share with the world. When we steer off the path that leads us to our “calling” the energies of the world kick us in the ass to get us back on track and to stop wasting time following someone else’s dream or goal and to set on our own unique path the greatness. It may be greatness on a small scale or on a much grander scale… but when your energies are being wasted pursuing that which is not congruent to your passion, with the gift you have and must share... you will fail. The Universe does not necessarily have a plan for you… I believe you develop your own plan your own dreams and you are given the tools to reach those dreams and share them because it is your obligation. I once heard a quote that said something like this… “the grave yard is the richest place on the planet, full of million dollar ideas, dreams and goals that were never followed through before they died within the person who lay in the grave never to be recovered”.

Do not let your contribution, gift, goal, dream or million dollar idea… that will change the world… do not let it die with you. Go after it, live it, fulfill it… if it is your passion and your purpose you will be given the right tools and the right people, skills and determination at the right time to realize it… because you were not put here to fail… rather you were put here to succeed and share your gift with the world.

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