Life Realy Is Magic

Lately I have rekindled my youthful interest in Magic. I think every little boy and girl at some point saw some magic trick or magic show and thought it would be awesome to be able to do some tricks to fool their friends and family. I think you could likely finds thousands of videos on the internet of little kids trying to perform magic. I was the same, getting my family and friends together to show them some tricks that I really couldn't do, but because they were family and friends they let any little slip ups slide and I always earned a standing O. I even remember getting magic sets for Christmas and my birthday for a couple of years in a row. I really wanted to know how to amaze people. Well fast forward several decades and after searching through the internet for sites that could teach me a few amazing tricks... I have found many. I have actually been able to pull off and amaze some people with my "mind reading" ability and "prediction" skills. Most of the tricks I am learning are card tricks but there are others. Here is what I have learned as it relates to Life!!!

Most every successful trick, illusion or slight of hand takes preparation, knowledge. The same is true for any success in life. Many magic tricks take some practice, but not all of them... some of them are very simple and super impressive if you just have the right knowledge and tools. You would be amazed at how easy some of them are once you learn them. The same it true of living a great life. All you need, to acquire the life you want is a few simple skills, a couple of tricks and a little knowledge and in some cases some practice to get it right.

In magic putting certain pieces in place prior to a successful trick is important, the same is true in life. You need to have a starting point and you need to have an end point. You need know that when you start down the path to success you have done as much as you can prior to starting that there is very little risk of failure. You also need to know what success looks like, if it's a card trick (pick a card any card) do you find their card threw your "wizard powers", if it's life do you get the girl or boy, do you get the sale, do you get the house, car or job... what is the end result and how will you feel when you get it. In magic nothing is what it seems, when you a trick or an illusion is pulled off flawlessly there is a lot of works that goes into the effect before you see it. The same is true in life when you see someone who appears to pulling off a flawless life or one that perhaps appears more ideal than yours, there is a lot of works that goes into it. All you need to do is learn the tricks and the set up and you could do the same.

Many card trick require you to stack the deck in your favor, life requires the same. You need to have knowledge of all the pieces and where they fit, when to reveal them. In magic you have to know what you want to happen, spend enough time preparing and focusing on the end result and believe you can do it. All of these things are what make life successful too. Once you do these things, life truly becomes magical and you will amaze you, your friends and family. Please share this with your entire social network.

I would like to thanks #scamschool and #freemagiclive for their inspiration.

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