Communication Coach

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately and much of has it to do with who we are, who I am and how I communicate that to the world.

In my regular world I am husband first... without question, then a son, brother, in-law and friend. After that I believe I am and always will be a teacher. Although my current "profession" does not always allow me to be that as a primary role... I truly believe in my own unique way, I slip into conversations I have, one-liner I drop and input I inject... life lessons and information I have been "lucky" enough to gather, throughout my time here so far, to teach people another way to look at life. A positive way to look at life. Some of it is in your face, other times it is not, but I know it resonates with the people I work with and socialize with throughout my day. I know that at some point down the road, some of what I have said to the people I communicate with will come back to them when they need it most and it will help in whatever situation they are dealing with.

I have so much more to give than my current "profession" allows but what I have learned has served me well to inform and educate those... with the time and inclination to listen. I do not have all the answers to all the problems anyone will ever face, but I do know that someone does. There is always someone, somewhere that has gone through the things we will all go through and that person and answer will appear when I or anyone needs it. I am NOT the guy that preaches or pushes my beliefs on anyone or stands on a street corner telling people they are wrong in their approach, I am the guy people talK to and ask for advice. (I bolded and capped NOT because I used it deliberately and I talk about DON'T/NOT/NO in a previous blog) This very website has seen me labeled as a Life coach, an Energy coach and a Communication coach. I have been struggling of late to figure out what it is exactly that I have to share and what lessons I have that will help people to the ideal life. At the end of the day/week/month/year/whatever I now know it is communication! There are more than 40 Universal Laws that all have something within them to help us understand our world and ourselves and the energies around us better. But after years of studying them and practicing them I realize that in their most basic form it all comes to communication. Communication with ourselves most importantly and then communication with others. Communication Coach is what I am.. I share with people what it takes in self-talks and talks with others to remain positive and real. In every seminar I have conducted and every private coaching session I done I show how to communicate. How to communicate in a positive way that will automatically get the results we all want.

Communication is a fundamental skill that can be easily learned... it has to be effective, efficient and honest. Communication is the key to everything you get in life... whether you get what you want, don't get what you want or get something you absolutely didn't want. Ask and it is given is a perfect statement and many people ask for things they don't want just by focusing on them. There are many who struggle with how to communicate with their kids, co-workers, family... on a daily basis. It does not have to be a struggle!!! It's all in the words we use to communicate and energy we put into them. That is what I do.... I communicate and I show others how to do it also. Need help? Contact me.. let's communicate.

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