The Sky Can't Be The limit

I am sure everyone has heard the old Saying "the sky's the limit!". Well on a recent trip to Mexico I started thinking about this and wondering if it is true... first if there really was a limit and second if the sky could be it.

Now, maybe it struck me as odd because at the time these thoughts were coming to me I was watching a program on TED TALKS entitled: Cloudy With a Chance of Joy by Gavin Pretor-Pinney. I also happened to be on an Airplane 33300 feet in the air (or in the sky). In his presentation Pretor-Pinney, who founded the cloud appreciation society, ( it's a real thing... google it) talks about the joy that clouds can bring and at one point tells his audience to "reach for sky". I think that comment is what got me thinking... how can I reach for the sky when I am actually in the sky? Then I started to think... where does the sky actually begin? Is there a different sky for different people or insects or animals or buildings? Does a blade of grass tower into the sky for an ant or a beetle, while we step on it as a part of the earth? Do I tower into the sky to a dog or a cat? We call tall buildings sky-scrapers because from our perspective they tower into the sky. So where does the earth end and sky begin? Is reaching for the sky the right thing to do, is it enough... or am I selling myself short because I (we) have already reached the sky. Is it time to push beyond our old limits, the sky's the limit. If the Sky is the limit then we are done, because we are there. I know for sure when I am on the airplane I am in the sky. Next time you think about your limits, understand that you do not have any. The sky is not the limit, we are limitless. Every time we think we have achieved all that we can we also prove to ourselves that is more we can do.

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