There is No Paradise

I had a very eye-opening experience while travelling through Mexico recently. I spent some time in Playa Del Carmen and while there my wife and I rented a house in a very nice, well protected, gated community. The home had a perfect location close enough to walk to all the action you wanted to take in and far enough away that you could not hear any noise. It was also situated very close to one of the nicest beaches in the area. While there, we got a chance to talk to some of the permanent local residents and some part time residents of the area. One couple in particular live part time in Seattle Washington and part time on Playa Del Carmen. They were great to talk to... full of helpful hints about the area and some great places to eat. The wife loved the area and all that Mexico had to offer. They had saved up to buy their little slice of Paradise and retire there. The husband however had a different take on his experience. While chatting about the area he started to complain about a whole bunch of little things. He complained about the slow pace that is part of Mexico. He complained about the new fence around the property that had not yet had a locked installed on the gate. The he said to me "there is no such thing as Paradise". That shocked me because they had saved for many years and could've gone anywhere to buy there retirement home. He went on to say it doesn't matter where you go, you will always find things wrong and things that need improvement. This man could not for some reason see what we could see... unending days at the beach, amazing people and food, weather and so much more.

My wife and I love Mexico, for the people, the culture, the food, weather and of course beaches. We have travelled there often and found many places we would consider to be Paradise. To hear this gentleman say there is no such thing was unbelievable. It reminded me that some people just have a hard time appreciating the things that they do, appreciating the things they have and the experiences they get from life. To tell us there is no Paradise when he is living in what I would consider a Paradise is unbelievable.

You see I'm not sure that Paradise is supposed to be perfect... I am not sure I would want it to be perfect. Ideal YES!... but perfect... perhaps not. As I have mentioned in other blog postings, you cannot have an up without a down, a top without a bottom or a left without a right. If everything went perfectly without any challenge or problem it would likely make for a very boring time. To expect Paradise to be prefect and completely problem free might be asking for too much. There is no Paradise??? I think we create our own and this gentleman with his expectations will likely never find his. I know I will find mine... because I have found many already. I also hope you find yours!

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