You Always Know

So over the past couple weeks my wife and I have been thinking about updating our basement and putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls and ceiling. We wanted to do this as we now host people with a BNB that also doubles as the LOA retreat which you can find more information about on this website ( The ceiling has been white and the walls were a kind of green brown colour. It has never deterred anyone from booking and staying in the suite but it was definitely time to brighten it up somehow.

We went to our favorite paint store and as usual they were very helpful. We took swatches of the materials we currently use in the suite and asked for their advice. We told of the theme we are going for and what are vision was for the space. They really have never failed us. The sales staff that was helping us was new, at least to us, but understood what we had in mind and gave us a couple suggestions. Armed with her suggestions we bought a couple of small cans and I put the paint on several walls in large blocks. I wanted to make sure that it would look good depending on the way the light hit the walls at several angles. As it turned out we were not as happy with the colours as we thought we might be. It was no fault of the sales staff, it was just not what we were hoping for, it didn't fit our vision.

We went back to same store with swatches in hand and this time we got a different sales associate. She listened to our vision, looked at our swatches and looked at the colours we had previously purchased. After giving it much thought she went in a totally different direction. The first sales associated, went with blues as the theme and this new sales associate went with yellows. A big departure from what we thought would work... but we decided to run with it.

Here's comes the part where I justify the title of this blog. We went ahead and bought the colours the new associate suggested, but we didn't just buy a small can to try, we bought full gallons of paint. So today while I was painting the walls it hit me that we just decided to jump right in. We did not have to buy "testers" and paint small sections of the wall to see what it might look like in all the different angles of light. Nope! we just bought the full gallons. As I was painting over the big blocks of blue paint it occurred to me that we had done this and inspired this blog. Somehow we knew the other was not right or we would have bought the full gallons right away, rather then buying the smaller cans.

It seems to me always somehow know when things are right. Think about some of the best friends you have ever had, or some of the best jobs you have ever had, or think about your marriage. There was something special about the first time you met. There was something that happened that let you know, this is someone, something you want in your life. You always know and usually right away that what ever has presented itself in your life is either right or wrong. You do not usually need to buy a small sample or take a quick test run. You just know. Sometimes we don't trust that "gut" feeling or "intuition" or "weird vibe" and try something you know is not right (buy the sample can of paint) even though you knew right from the get go it was not going to work. I suggest you follow you gut... the universe knows what is right for you and will always make sure you know. If you get the bad vibe move on...if you get a good vibe jump in and go for it. Don't waste time trying something that right away doesn't give you that feeling that it is just what you wanted. Life was meant to be ideal....You always know!!!

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