Good Enough

I do not know how it started and I do not know why it continues but it seems to me that many people are willing to accept good enough as a way of life for themselves.

The expectations I see in people is that good enough is good enough for them and their efforts. It's odd to me because many people will not accept good enough from others but they have no problem living their lives with just enough effort, just enough enthusiasm, just enough money, just enough friends.... I could go on and on.

There are 2 problems that develop from this. First people that accept good enough from themselves, will rarely accept good enough from others and that is hypocrisy. They certainly would not accept just enough effort from the police. People complain about a lack of customer service or workers providing just enough service, just enough flavor in the restaurant food... and people rarely accept just enough, love, admiration and attention from their spouse. But everyday I see and hear about people doing just enough thinking it is good enough to get them through another day.

The second problem this creates is that people are living to their full potential. Those that believe good enough is good enough usually have so much more to give. Good enough does not move people or society forward at all. It is especially sad for me when I see people with amazing potential operating at a level of good enough. It also sad because I know that just adding in a little extra effort will move people, business and society forward by leaps. The person who goes to work and watches the clock to put in another 8 hours at pay that is just good enough, for a boss that is just good enough and with people that are just good enough is selling themselves short of the incredible difference they can make in the world and in their own lives. Just a little extra effort today will lead to just a little more extra effort tomorrow and so on. The results will be incredible.

If you are (and most likely you are) living in a world, work place, marriage where good enough is acceptable, when you start to put in more effort you will not only achieve more but you will move so far beyond the others in your world that people will notice. Your employer will notice, your friends and family will notice and your spouse will notice. That will get you closer to more... More of what you want instead of just enough of what you want. Look, average effort gets you average results, if you do something to a point where it is good enough, do not expect it to exceed your expectations.

am writing this because yesterday I fell into it, doing just enough. I was at the gym and the exercise of the day was squats, I was going my sets at a comfortable weight that gave me a bit of a challenge and struggle. I was good there... not really wanting to push it too hard. Then the partner I was working with, Ryan, asked if I wanted to add more weight, I said no, that I was comfortable with this weight. Ryan said it`s not about being comfortable it`s about making gains and pushing your limits to see what you can accomplish. It was funny because that is usually my line. Anyway thanks to Ryan I did add extra and pushed myself to achieve even more outside what I was comfortable. Good enough was not good enough for Ryan and because of that it was not good enough for me.

When you move yourself forward two thing will likely happen, others will start to see that you are not accepting good enough from your self or from others and they may step up their game. They may not step up their game all the time but they will when you are in their presence. OR they will start to criticize you for your efforts. Either way you are getting attention.

They whole idea is to get attention, because the people that get attention get the most opportunity... and the businesses that get the most attention get the most customers. Just doing what is good enough or putting in average effort will only get you the same results as everyone else that does the same. Good enough is killing growth in people , business and society. I encourage you to step it up, not only should you stop accepting good enough from yourself, but stop accepting it from others. I will suggest that you step out to the `good enough`` thought pattern before you ask others to. When is now the right time to exceed expectations. Please share this with all your social media sites, and when you think you have added it to enough sites add it to a few more. Kenn

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