Day End

The other day my wife called me from her place of employ and told me she was running late because it was her day to do day end. Apparently her boss leaves it up to the staff to do and makes sure that it doesn't fall on just one person all the time as it is quite a bit of work. I am not sure what her day end consists of, so as I tend to do... I asked. She told be she had to check over the schedule and make sure every thing on it got done and if something was left undone that there was a plan to see it's completion by the next day or in the very near future. She also said it was part of day end to make sure everything balanced for the nightly deposit and make sure the deposit makes it to the bank.

I realized this is one very powerful tool that most businesses use to keep inventory of where they are in the business, where the business is going and what needs to be done to keep it on track to success. I also realized that could be equally as powerful for people looking to achieve massive success. The trouble though is that most people I talk to don't even start the day with a personal plan or schedule. That being the case they cannot have any idea of the success or failures they have had throughout the day, what things they hoped to get accomplished and didn't or how they would get them accomplished in a reasonable time so that nothing falls through the cracks. Day end actually start with a day beginning. It is very important to know where you are headed in order to understand how close you are to your destination, without a schedule of things you want to accomplished throughout the day it very difficult to gauge any success.

Once you know a few goals you want to achieve throughout your day and have written them down... you too can go back and do your personal day end and make sure everything got done. If things were left undone you can move them forward to another time, depending on their importance and ensure your goals get completed. You can also balance whatever form of currency you receive to make sure you are getting what you are worth.

It would be impossible to do a day end without starting your day with goals. I encourage everyone to make a daily list of goals, just as most successful businesses do, and methodically go through your day and then at the end of the day review your list everyday to make sure you stay on track to achieving your success. If you find that you did everything on your list I can tell you your list was not big enough... it did not challenge you to achieve more, to push your limits and to make gains you never thought possible. Make your morning schedule huge, push yourself and see what you are capable of.

Don't worry about not getting everything done, you will eventually catch up on all you need to. Make it fun, make it interesting, and most of all make it trackable and specific. Here is an example of a badly written goal..... One of the goals I put on my list for this morning was to get 10 new followers on twitter by the end of the day. I am dedicated to growing my social network. But that is not my real goal. I have a target number of people I want to follow me by the end of the week and focusing on how many new followers I want to get has nothing to do with the number I will eventually wind up with because there are some people that will drop off my list for whatever reason. I could get 10 new followers but lose 20 people that are currently on my list, leaving me with 10 fewer followers than I started the week with. Make your goals and targets specific so you are accountable, so you can compare where you started to where you end up. Day end is good for business and I promise it will be good for you... but you must do it everyday. Start now with today's goals so you can check your progress at Day end! Please share this with your entire social network and also follow me on twitter for daily inspiration and more.

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