Time to update

We are already 6 days into a brand new year. You have identified some changes you want to make to make 2015 a great year. You have told a whole lotta people what your resolutions are... and now what? Have your taken inventory of what you said you would do in 2014. You said you would live a healthy lifestyle... have you? you said you would exercise more... have you? You said you would dedicate more time to charities... have you. You said you would learn to play and instrument... how's that going for you? Truth is... it's all good! If you have made great strides towards success... Congratulations! If not, that's OK, you have a fresh start now.

Here's the thing, you can have anything you want if you give it enough attention, energy and focus. One of the best ways I have found to do that is with my Vision box. Now is a great time to review what I have in my box, see what successes I have made and see what I might want to add to it. Often people I coach will make a Vision Box or Vision board and never look at it again. That's why I prefer a box I can put my keys and cell phone in it every time I come and go from my home and when I do I get reminded of the things I want to acquire or achieve. I have a lot of picture of things I want in my box and I do from time to time shuffle them around so I give them all a certain amount of attention and send the energy forth to achieve my goals. Because I know I can have anything I want I have put some picture in my Vision box that would be nice to have but are not a priority. This year I have done some editing so I can give more focused attention on the things that really matter. I have also added some things. As we go through our days. weeks. months and years our priorities and desires change so it is important to revisit what we have put out there and see if they still fit with our current life. Go ahead revisit your Vision box or board and see if it still matches your life.

Another tip I like to give is to not throw away any of the items you may have achieved that have been in your Vision box, rather keep them and either attached them to outside of your box or to the frame of your board. That way every time you go to it you can see how successful you have been and also show gratitude for the things you have been given. The state of gratitude when looking at your desires is a very high vibration and will likely speed the process.

If you want help building a vision box or board contact me and we can go through it together.

Please share this with all of your social media and blog sites to encourage other to continue to achieve.

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