New Year's Resolution

For the past several weeks I have been looking at the past year and seen many successes come my way.

I have had more vacation than any of the previous 10 years. I have explored a brand new country for me in Belize. I have had a rather successful year at my both my careers (Advertising sales and Life coaching). I have made a difference in a whole lotta lives. My year has been great!!! So what`s next?

Well after a great year I had to look at the next thing I want to change in my life that will make it better for me, better for those around and also better for the world as a whole.

My New Year's resolution, as surprising as it might be to hear from a guy who always tries to motivate, inspire and drive people towards their goals, is to live the next twelve months with out limits. Without self imposed limits. I think we all put limits on our selves, to some extent, based on previous experiences. We tell ourselves that we have never done it before therefore it must be either very difficult or impossible. We tell ourselves no one has every done it so it must not be doable at all. I believe to my core that some things in this world were meant to be done by me first so everyone else will know it can be done. If not first in the world at least first me and then the old saying "if I can do it anyone can" will come into play. As you know with the Law of attraction or any Universal Law for that matter, no individual has more ability to use it/them than any other. This year I am not only going to remove my own self imposed limits... but limits others have put on me and my perceived abilities. This year I will break from other beliefs that have, from time to time held me back from all I know I can achieve. I will do this all with the underlying motive to do the best for myself, others and the world. It is my obligation to live up to all that I am capable of... to fully live up to my potential... as it is for everyone. I will not deny anyone, and particularly myself, the best I can achieve.

As my last post said my New theme song is "what are you waiting for"... I encourage you to ask yourself the same question. Happy New Year!!!

Please share this with all your social media and blog sites and let's make a difference.

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