New Year... New Theme

So last night I was watching Canada's own version of the New York Time Square New Year's bash. It was broadcast from Niagara Falls and actually was not too bad. Of course with Keith Urban as the headliner in Canada it had to end pretty well.

As I was watching there was a clip played of a song by Canada's own Nickelback. I guess it has been out for a little while but I had not yet heard it. It's titled "what are you waiting for?" This just happens to be own of my favorite questions of all time! I often ask "what are you waiting for... why are you waiting?" Two question I think could and should inspire people to action. So when I heard this song it inspired me.

The question is a good one as it reminds us we have a lot to do and there is no better time than now to do it. I wish everyone would ask themselves this question a little more often... I believe it would eliminate procrastination and find people have much more success in their life. There really are few reason for people to wait... mostly we make excuses. Excuse that are usually not reasons and are just made up. It's a new year with endless possibilities, unlimited opportunities and amazing adventures to go on.

Nickelback's "what are you waiting for?" is my theme song for 2015. I have added a video (not the official video, although it is amazing and shows the power of Karma) that makes sure you get the words of the song. Hopefully you will adopt it as your song or perhaps find another that resonates with you to keep you moving forward towards your resolution or goal. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I really want this message to spread so I ask you... PLEAASE share this on every social media, website or blog site you have access to, I will be grateful !!!

What are you waiting for?

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