Another Favorite Day

There are several days throughout the year that have a special place in my life, Thanksgiving being a big one. I really like thanksgiving because it is a time to stop, or at least slow down, and remind yourself of all the things in your life you are Grateful for. Some others include Christmas, because people seem to be happier at Christmas and more people show compassion to the less fortunate. My Wedding Anniversary, because I still can't believe she agreed to marry me. And there are others.

Today is one of those others. Today is March 4th. Not really significant in any way, I have had no real life change happen on March 4th. There are no Births or deaths of significance in my world on March 4th. The reason this is one of my favorite days is it reminds to take action on my goals. March 4th or March Forth on my goals and dreams. Today is a day to take massive action, gain ground on the things that have been eluding you. March forth on achieving your goals. If your in business it's the day to gain ground on your competition. Whatever you do today remember today is the day to make the extra effort that you know is in you and make a move towards achievement. March forth!!!!

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