The Back-up Plan?

Yesterday my daily inspirational quote was "if you think you need a plan "B" you are not fully committed to plan "A". That got me thinking even further...

The Law of attraction consists of 3 steps.... Identify your desire, give it attention energy and focus and believe it is possible and you are deserving. With those Law of attraction steps in mind it's important to remember that once you have committed to your goal there should be nothing to deter you attaining it. From time to time doubt may creep in, but that is where the third step must be followed. It can be called faith or believing or the removal of doubt, all the same thing, but it must be dealt with... you have to believe, have faith and remove that doubt. Anything less than that is settling for second best, going to plan "B" means you have given up on your real dreams and goals. Going to Plan "B" means you have lost the faith, that what you want is possible and that you deserve all the success you want and more. Plan "B" or the "back up plan" means you have to back up instead of continually moving forward. You must move forward with you goals and dreams. Everyone wants more, because if you are not going after more, you will wind up with less. Everything around you is moving forward, all your bills and expensive continue to move forward. In Kelowna, the city I call home, not only has the power bill gone up, but just announced; the city is now about to double the cost of parking in the downtown area. Your expenses are going up and will continue to do so, year after year after year, If you are not doing something to get more, you will wind up with less. The back up plan is not going to get you there. You must get yourself totally committed to Plan "A" and not settle for anything less. W.E.I.T. (what ever it takes) is the commitment you need. You must be prepared to do what ever it takes to get to your goal. There can be no back up plan... there can be no backing up. So ask yourself... are you committed? do you have faith and believe you deserve success? and are you willing to do what ever it takes? When the answer is YES!! you will have found your passion and will never have to back up. Don't even create a Plan "B" or "back up plan" and you will have no option but success. Please share this with everyone in your social circle

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