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So it has come time to get a new roof on my house. You might wonder what kind of lesson I can learn from chatting with several roofing companies and the response I have received from the one I have chosen. Here's the deal... we sent out for several quotes on our roof one company stood out. They whole process takes some time and once you have selected a roofing company then you have to go through the process of what shape you want the shingles to be, what you want them made of and which color you prefer. I asked around to several people I know that know a lot more about getting a roof than I do. I got lots of great advice. The roofing sales rep told us to drive around to several of his previous jobs and see what I like. We got a list of 4 or 5 homes, some with the same style and color the rep showed us and we have settled on, and some others just to see the quality of work. Then I checked with my brother-in-law Kerry and he said..."why would you look at the homes the rep recommended when you can you drive around town and look at homes with roofs that you think look good and tell the roofer to go look at the homes you like, rather than looking at what he wants you to look at. That made perfect sense to me and reminded me that I don't have to settle. My life is not limited by his limitations. Why would anyone be limited in their life to what others say they can do for you? What if what others say they can do is not ideal for you? Life is meant to be ideal. My wife and I got in the car and started driving around looking at homes with a roof WE like and WE think will look good on are home. We eliminated the limitations the sales rep put on us and went beyond to find what we really want. If he cannot provide it we will find the company that can. After all what is important is that we get what we want. As the Law of Attraction states.... get clear on what you want, give it attention energy and focus and believe it is possible. Never let the limitations of your roofer (or anyone else in your life) be the limitations you accept for yourself. NEVER SETTLE!!!

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