The Proof Is In The Putting

A question I often get when conducting 1 on 1 coaching or conducting a Law of Attraction seminar for large groups is how do you find proof that the Law of Attraction works.

Proof of the Law of Attraction can sometimes be hidden, it cannot be put in a bowl and I cannot give you a photo of the energy that is Law of Attraction.

The proof is actually in the putting. What I mean by that is the proof will come to you in the form of manifesting your desires if you are putting enough into it. How clear are you on your desire? Are you actually putting together a contrast or comparison list? A comparison or contract list will give you clarity on what you want, but it must be put on paper, something tangible. How many items are you putting on your comparison or contrast list? Are you putting enough items on your list to get a clear picture of your desire? A job that pays well and is close to home is not enough information to attract your ideal job as it leaves so much up to interpretation. How much attention, energy and focus are you putting towards attracting your ideal life? How many items are you putting on your vision board or in your vision box or in your mind movie. How much time are you putting towards what you desire? How many times have you test driven your dream car? Are you putting your faith to work? Are you putting your beliefs behind your goal? Are you putting all of your doubts aside and putting faith forward. What kind of team are you putting together to reach your ideal life. I heard a quote the other day..."no goal ever comes unassisted"- Bauer Hockey The proof of the Law of Attraction is in what you a putting into achieving your ideal life.

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