If The Shoe Doesn't Fit

One of the most challenging things I have to do when coaching my clients or conducting a seminar is to have people take responsibility for their situations. When I share the Law of Attraction one thing people have to understand, have to really get, is that they are responsible for everything that happens to them. Every thought, every action taken... leads to a result. The result can be negative or positive depending on the whether the thought or the action is positive or negative.

The other day I had a humorous reminder of that. My wife has an interesting philosophy when she is buying shoes. She believes that you should always buy the size that fits the best and is most comfortable unless they don't have your exact size and they are cute enough. I know this likely just a female but thing but it is a thing. The other my wife was getting herself ready to go out ad slipped on a pair of shoes for the day. They must have been really cute shoes because she came up to me and told me to check it out... how her heal kept slipping out of her shoe. She was very frustrated that the shoes did not fit perfectly and was blaming the shoes the fit. The shoes were not the problem as they had not changed and neither had her foot. She was blaming the shoes for the fact that they were so cute and she could not leave the store without even though she knew the they didn't fit right. All I could do was laugh and she was angry at the shoes for not fitting when it was her fault for buying the wrong size. Not much I could say to convince her was not the shoes fault. YEP! It is a real challenge to get people to take responsibility for the choices they make.

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