Christmas Wishlist or Vision Board

Here's the thing... I have taught courses for people who want to learn more about making a vision box or board and most people already know how.

What is a Vision box or Vision board? These items are tools, very powerful tools, you can use to create the ideal life. They are very similar in design, but just as one diet or one exercise program does not work for everyone neither does every tool when using the Law of Attraction. A Vision board is simply a bulletin board or something similar that you can post pictures of the things you would like in your life to make it more ideal. It can me images of a beach house, a car, a trip to an exotic island or it can be word, like "peace", "love", "happiness". Whatever you want in your life, set to a visual medium.

A vision box is similar and my preference. To create one is simple enough, just go through some magazine or the internet and find photos of things that would make your life more ideal, cut them out or print them off and pin them to your board or put them in your vision box. A vision box can be an old shoe box or a photo box you have around the house. The key for me with my vision box is that I make sure every time I come home my keys and cell phone go in the vision box which ensures I see the items in my vision box several times day. And we know through the Law of Attraction the more attention, energy, and focus you give to your desires the more quickly they manifest.

If all of this sounds very familiar think to your Christmas wishlist... a list of items you would hope to get for Christmas to make your life more ideal. It's the exact same thing as making a Vision box or Vision board. The only difference is a vision board is (of course) Visual. So take your idea of a Christmas wish list and expand it to a vision board or box for the rest of your life. You will be surprised how quickly things start to manifest when you are reminded everyday of the things that are important for you to have in your life... your ideal life.

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