Thinking vs Believing

I have coached a lot people over the years and I love it, sometimes I feel I get just as much or more from the coaching sessions as my clients. I have also done a lot of group seminars over the years and I love to do those too. When I see the lights go on and people actually getting what I'm saying, when they are picking up what I am putting down, when we are on the same page and they have the "AHHH HAAA" moment I know I'm doing something right and good.

I did a seminar not too long ago for a great group of people and I feel many of them got what I was saying, I also feel that some of them missed it. One of the points I like to make in my seminar and have blogged about here is that there is a reason for everything. I have stressed in previous blogs that it is not just "everything happens for a reason" ... but also and perhaps more importantly "there is a reason for everything"... the reason always comes first and the reason is always your thoughts. I have to stress that both statements are true but the reason always comes first, in fact the first statement might be better stated as "Everything happens for a purpose". It has been said, by much wiser people than me, that "what you think about you bring about"... "if you think it you can achieve it. I believe that both of those statements are true also, but what you have to remember is that you have to believe it.

I know lots of people that will tell their friends and/or family in a time of need and consoling that there is a reason for everything and there is! I know many people think that there is a reason for everything and there is! But thinking it is not the same as believing it! When someone loses a job, almost everyone says to them "there is a reason for everything" "don't worry when one door closes another opens" etc. etc. Here is the challenge and I see it on faces of people receiving this advice... it's one thing to think it, it's quite another to believe it. Believing it is the real key here. If you just think it, it's a great start, but those with true belief in that advice, never need worry or stress or have concern about the loss of job or some other "problem" they may have. Those who truly believe that there is a reason for everything and that everything happens for a purpose take great comfort in knowing that something better really is right around the corner, that the sudden and unexpected change in their life is for a reason and has a purpose.

I have yet to find to find someone who truly believes that there is a purpose to events in their live, good and bad, that has not come out of it for the better. Perhaps someone split up with, what they thought was the love of their life and within a very short period of time found the person they were truly meant to be with. The one that completes them if you will. If they had not split they would never had found their ideal partner.

I have yet to find someone who truly believe that everything has purpose and after losing their job was not offered a better way of making a living. If they had stayed in the old job they would have found the ideal living.

I have yet to find someone that truly believes there is a reason for everything and that everything has a purpose and who experiences the stresses and worries that other do. When you believe there is a reason for everything, and that everything has a purpose... you truly believe that it will be ideal. Please share this with your entire social network.

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