2 or 3 True Keys to Success

So yesterday I was at the gym and my routine finished earlier than my wife's spin class so I had time to sit and relax in the "lounge" area. While I was sitting there I was watching a couple videos from you-tube on my I-phone. I came across one of a commencement speech given to an art school by Neil Gaiman. There were some very good inspirational quotes I will steal from it for my blog but this one about 3 secrets to success stuck out for me.

The concept of his tips is nothing new as is evident by the picture I have attached but he changed it a bit and explained how it applies to success in business and I will share that with you here. The 3 thing you need to be successful are:

-Have people really like you -Make sure the work you do is really good -Make sure your work is done on time

Pick any two and you will have great success in your chosen career. You see people will always forgive one of these rules if the other two are present.

If your work is good and is in on time people, will forgive you for not being very nice. If you are really well liked and your work in really good, people will forgive you for being late. If your work is on time and people really like you, you will be forgiven for not having done good work.

Pick any two and see the success you will have... if you can manage all 3 you are likely in the top two percent of successful people in your chosen field.

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