1001 Movies

I was wandering around Costco the other day and my favorite section in Costco is the books and movies. I really love to read, as long as there is something I can learn from the book. There are few things worse for me than investing time in reading a book and not learning anything. (I don't read a lot of fiction). Anyway... a book caught my attention, I have seen similar books to this one 1001 places to see before you die etc., But this one was 1001 movie you must see.

Now, I like movies... they can be very entertaining, but like books, I like to learn something from a movie I invest my time in. In my opinion this book 1001 movies is a little over the top. I did the math and let's say you had never seen any of the movies in this book and each of the movies was on average 90 minutes long. That means you would spend about 62 and half days of you life continuously watching movies. That may not seem so bad over a life time. But if my math is correct (and math is not my strongest subject) if you watched one of the suggested movies each week it would take you more than 19 years to see every movie. 19 years of watching 1 movie a week, and these are movies I must see?

I would hope that there is a better way to spend a full 62 days of life or 19 years of once week. Just sayin'

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