Drive Through Life

The other day my wife and I were going to get a coffee from a local coffee shop and she asked if I wanted to go through the drive-through. I must tell you I don't like drive-through's, drive-through anything; coffee, booze, fast food, banking etc. In fact I cannot believe how many things you can do now and not get out of your car. I supposed there may be times when you are such a hurry that the drive-through makes it more convenient but really how rushed does your life have to be that you cannot park your car and go into an establishment to do business. If it is that rushed you need to take a hard look at what you are doing and realistically, more often than not the line up at a drive-through is longer than the one inside the building anyway.

My biggest aversion to them is the lack of human contact when using these. So often I will go into the bank or a coffee place and actually find out how someones day is going, make contact and chat with them. They are always so friendly and willing to share information about their lives. For me people are so interesting, they have great moments to share with almost anyone who will listen. I find out about vacation plans, wedding plans, family visits and the birth of a new child. Not to mention interacting with the other customers that are in the place. There are so many great events in peoples live that you cannot get from a drive-through bank machine.

Then it hit me about places I have visited and the lack these drive-through's in those places. If you have checked out any of my videos or followed my blog for any length of time you will know that there is a place that is very special to me called Isla Mujeres. I have traveled to many tropical locations but this one is amazing. There are no drive-through businesses on Isla Mujeres. As I sit hear writing this I cannot think of a drive through I have seen in Jamaica or Cuba either. What do they know that we don't. I think the reason is because people in these places have an understanding that life already goes by so fast that you have to take in as much of it as possible, meet as many people as possible and enjoy each other. It's more than just the laid back, no hurry lifestyle in these tropical places. It's about life! Meeting others that may be able to enhance your day, week of life. Or maybe you being able to enhance their life. I read a book years ago (The Celestine Prophecy) that suggested, everyone you meet has message for you or you for them or both. If you don't get out of your vehicle you may never get the message. Taking a few extra minutes from a busy days to actually talk to someone that you have never met before is awesome. I challenge you try it for a month... no more drive-through anything, get out of your vehicle... go talk to some people inside the establishment, customers and staff... you may be surprised what you learn and maybe never use a drive-through again. Please don't just drive-through life!

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