Sell It And Move On

Just last month a colleague of mine decided it was time to go back to school. She had been in Kelowna less than a year and while she was here she did great work. But she got what you might call "an offer she couldn't refuse" and decided to pack up and move back east. While she was packing up her things from her tiny apartment and getting ready for the move across the country she asked people in the work place if they wanted to buy some of the things she had purchased to fill her apartment in Kelowna. That got me thinking...

You see sometimes we have to get rid of things we acquire if we want to move ahead in life. Like my colleague, it was time to rid her life of some the things she had bought, in order to make her trip easier and to move on with her life. The same is true of some of our thoughts and our beliefs. We may have some thoughts or beliefs that we "Bought into" that have either been proven untrue or that no longer serve us, in the direction we are headed. Some time as we move forward we have to give up those beliefs or thoughts. There are new and easier tools and ideas being developed all the time. We went from huge mega computers to home pc's to lap top and tablets. All excellent in their time and definitely served a purpose, but as knowledge progressed and our ability to build better, stronger, faster we adapt and rid ourselves of out old sometimes cumbersome ways.

Like getting rid of a bistro set you don't want to haul with you across the country... why take a belief that does not serve you any more or is more trouble that it's worth as move forward. When you move forward you will get more clarity if you dismiss outdated ideas and develop new beliefs, beliefs that serve your new purpose, that aid in your progress. Are there any thoughts that you have had that would be better left behind? Sell them to the highest bidder and start your next adventure.

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