The Right Question

It was just last Friday I put an inspiration quote on my blog from Billy Connelly. It talked about wisdom and his thought was that wisdom is not in having the right answer all the time, but rather in asking the right question. Since Friday, this quote has been bouncing around in my head so I have to expand on it from my perspective.

As a Law of Attraction facilitator and life coach this quote fits well with what I share with people all the time. You see the Law of Attraction states that you attract into your life or business whatever you give your attention, energy and focus to. That is where asking the right question is so important. When I ask people what it is that they want they frequently tell me all the things they don't wan't rather than the things they do want. I have to ask the right question again. So what do you want? Many times I have to repeat it to make sure it understood what I am asking. If you don't ask the right question there is little chance you will get the right answer and the wisdom you seek.

It is true that knowing what you don't can give you clarity as to what you do want, but you do not want to focus on the things you don't want for too long or you will give them enough attention, energy and focus that those are what you will manifest. Eventually (and the sooner the better) you have to ask the right question... So what do I want? And make it as specific as you can. If it is true (and it is) that you can have anything you want if you want it "bad" enough, then you can be specific and you best be clear on what that is. Once you have answered the right question you can then give that answer the attention it deserves and watch as the universe starts to unfold and orchestrate events, situations and signs that will bring you closer to what you want. Then just be aware of those signs and act on them. Ask the right question and have faith you will find the answer.

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