Who Do You Think You Are?

Most of us know by now that thoughts are things and what you think about you bring about. The Law of Attraction states that you bring into your life or world what ever you give your attention, energy and focus to. Thoughts, with enough energy and passion behind them, will eventually manifest into tangible reality. I have witnessed this over and over again in my life and in the lives of those around me. The whole thing is built on the words you use, which create the thoughts you think, which send the vibration (positive or negative) and get you a result (positive or negative)

We have also likely heard that you are what you think you are. That is what this blog entry is about. I have a friend that was in a a heated discussion or debate with another friend. At one point in the discussion, one turned to the other and said "who do you think you are". I does not matter what made the person say this... it was out there.. it had been said. The person on the receiving end of the question was offended by the question and didn't respond. It pretty much ended the discussion.

When I sat down and chatted with my friend about it and was told the circumstances I was not offended by the question and suggested that they not be offended either. Rather I suggest it was a very good question and one that more people should ask themselves. I do not know very many people who, when asked that question can answer it right away with honesty. I know people that will try. The thing is most people know what they are, journalist, actor, salesperson, entrepreneur, janitor, mother, father, etc etc. Knowing what you are is not the same as knowing who you are. It may give you some insight into who you are but what you are in not who you are.

Who you are is not an easy question to answer, but I think it is one that deserves a lot of attention. Perhaps some soul searching and maybe even asking others in your circle for their thoughts on WHO you are. Who you are is more about you than your career path, it's more about your thoughts and feelings towards things. who you think you are is who you become, so think of yourself in the positive way.

So... who do you think you are?

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