The World Counts On You

Ever notice how sometimes things just seem to jump right out at you? It might be a magazine on a self or a display in a store window. It may be the sweater your co-worker is wearing or a commercial on the radio. You have seen the magazine... driven by the store, seen the sweater or heard the commercial many times in the past for some reason... today it just POPS. Or maybe you are just more aware and notice more on this particular occasion. As a Law of Attraction facilitator and Life Coach I believe (as do most people in my circle) that there is a reason for everything. If you are in a waiting room and a particular magazine jumps out at you... there is probably something in that magazine that you should be reading. It's an amazing thing but it happens all the time, it's the way it works. You have been seeking an answer to something and the article in that random magazine in that random office at the exact time you are there has some insight into the answer you are seeking.

Yesterday my wife and I went to the local LULU LEMON store in Kelowna and while she was shopping and trying on different items I was sitting on the bench waiting for the mini fashion show and to give my advice on how everything looks on her. While sitting there a book just sitting on a side table seem to be neon attracting my attention and forcing me to pick it up. The book was titled " The Art of Possibilities" by Rosmund Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander. I had never heard of it and was not really sure what it was about but I randomly flipped through the pages wondering what I might learn or if there might be a motivational quote I could steal and use on this blog site. Well.... am I ever glad I did. There were several little gems that I found that I think were pretty awesome. Here are some of the things I picked up out of the book as I thumbed through it for the few minutes I had.

"What would you have to change for you to be totally fulfilled" (Start the process)

"Throw yourself into life as someone who makes a contribution accepting that you may not understand how or why."

"The world counts on you to open up to new possibilities and discover what we as humans can do." Ashley Liberty - age 14

"Declare yourself to be a contributor."

I encourage you to pick up a book, read that magazine article, walk into that store, ask you co-workers questions... Simply be aware when things jump out at you an act on them Please share this with your entire social network

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