How To Be A Believer

I read something on a friends facebook page the other day and it inspired me to write this blog entry. I was one of the those motivational poster type entries that are popping up all over the internet. It had to do with running... but I see things differently and put my own spin on it, I put a Law of Attraction spin on it. Here it... is

If you believe… you are a believer… it doesn’t matter how long you have been believing, it doesn’t matter if this is your first day or if you have been believing for more than 20 years….there is no test to pass, no license to get ….no membership to earn… you just believe.

This is some creative license in paraphrasing a poster on running I recently saw with a quote by John Bingham. I think it applies to believing as much as running.

This really explains it... it is that simple! It really applies to just about everything in life but for me believing in something is important. Believing that everything will work out. Believing that there is a reason we are all here. Believing I am worthy of an ideal life. Now as a life coach and Law of attraction facilitator I cannot, nor can anyone, make you believe. You have to make those choices for your self. I can suggest you believe in yourself, your abilities, your choices. I can even provide evidence to you about certain things in life that will make your life better if you believe in them. But making you believe is something that is up to you. As stated in the above once you believe you are a believer. That's it!! So do you... are you??

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