Start Before You Are Ready

As a seminar leader and coach of Law of Attraction I have found social media to be a great way to get my message out and to find new clients and businesses to help. I am on many different sites, some more well known than others. I also learn a lot from some of the articles on the sites. The other day I was on one named Quora. I saw an article by a gentleman named James Clear. I never read the article because sometimes all I need is the titled of the article or of a book (EG: Layton Parks book, "Get out of your own way") to be inspired and to write about what I believe can help motivate others.

As a Law of attraction facilitator and coach and a true believer in the power we all possess to use the Law of Attraction deliberately, I really liked the title of this article. I have mentioned this before and have written about it. Sometimes it doesn't have to be perfect it just has to be. It's a similar idea to James Clear's article titled "Successful people start before they feel they are ready". Again I didn't read the article but was inspired by the title so I am giving him credit.

I have a feeing, mostly from talking to parents, that if they had waited to have children until they were absolutely ready... it may never have happened. The same is true of businesses owners, if they had waited until everything was perfect before starting their business it likely would not have happened. I have spoken to other inspirational and motivational speakers and also musicians and the same story is true there. If they waited till they were 100 % confident in their style, content, delivery, staging, music etc. they likely would never had gotten started and been as successful as they are today.

Starting anything new takes a lot of courage, starting something that you will put out to the public to see or use or critique is perhaps even more difficult. It takes guts. You will likely not feel 100 % sure that Now is the right time to begin, but you must push through all that. It's true you never get a second chance to make a first impression, but it's also true that if you don't take that chance you never make any impression.

So I encourage you to take the chance and start now even if you don't feel you are ready. Launch into whatever dream you have and let the world know. You will likely make a few mistakes and learn from them to do better. You will also likely find that you are more ready than ever imagined.

"Successful people start before they feel they are ready" - James Clear

Please share this with your entire social network and hopefully we can inspire some new successes.


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